About us

Sunshine Meadows Play School

Welcome to Sunshine Meadows Playschool. Here modern learning and traditional values blend to create an academically and socially enriching environment. We believe each child is unique and deserves a chance to discover his/her uniqueness. Our activities and curriculum provide experiential learning and holistic development for a better life.

Our teachers are avid learners too. Novel teaching aids are designed in house by them to impart age appropriate knowledge. We have an ideal child teacher ratio giving each child adequate personal attention. We give them opportunities to explore their abilities and do what interests them.

The school believes in guiding the parents about positive parenting so as to make parenting more joyful and effectual. The school partners with parents to provide individualised and focused attention.

Our core focus remains activity based learning in a unique infrastructure built to international standards of quality and safety. The campus is safe and secure with CCTVs fitted at all strategic locations. The security and other staff discharge their duty with utmost care and responsibility. The school has an efficient fire fighting system in place.

Play Group:

Play Group is a child's first step away from home . It gives a joyous start to the learning of the child. At Sunshine Meadows we welcome all children for a special mission of fun, excitement and discovery . Dedicated to giving our children the best possible start in life, we provide a progressive approach to early childhood learning by bringing out a vastly-researched curriculum, lively infrastructure and a teaching methodology  that is truly remarkable.

The curriculum is based on real world sensory experience as most of the day the child is involved in singing, art, dancing, story session and free play. We aim to provide an enriching and nurturing environment that helps children reach their full potential.

Nursery and Lower Kindergarten:

The Nursery and Lower Kindergarten program provides a balanced curriculum to satisfy the unique growth period and focuses on the all- round development of the child.

Our learning environment is exciting, informative & and participatory. We introduce them to writing, number work and general awareness by involving them in interesting outdoor and indoor teacher guided activities to ensure that there is always something new and different to spark their imagination and help them grow. In the early years no lesson is more important for a child than just learning to enjoy learning.